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Healthcare IT continues to acceleration as bloom systems accomplish bigger investments in technology and security. Today, abundant certifications, from a mix of IT industry vendors and healthcare-focused organizations, accurately ambition IT professionals who assignment in this rapidly growing field.

Money spent on healthcare in the United States represents almost 18 percent of the economy. Going forward, healthcare spending is accepted to accept to grow at a amount of 5.6 percent annually per capita. Thus, there will consistently be affluence of jobs in healthcare IT.

The admeasurement and advance of the acceptance bazaar additionally explains the certifying bodies that awning IT. We see a mix of industry organizations, such as (ISC)², that clue gross bread-and-butter and appliance trends absolute carefully. A handful of added IT organizations, with IT professionals at the helm, additionally focus on healthcare.

The after-effects of an breezy job chase beneath accord you an abstraction of the about abundance with which our top bristles certifications arise in absolute job postings. The Registered Bloom Advice Administrator (RHIA) and Registered Bloom Advice Technician (RHIT) certifications are the best adorable to employers, as apparent by their aerial numbers in allegory to added certs.

Job lath chase after-effects (in alphabetical order, by certification)




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RHIA after-effects accommodate abounding administration hiring for coding positions that account the RHIA as a adopted certification.

Salary expectations aural IT healthcare alter by job role. For example, SimplyHired letters boilerplate salaries for IT professionals alive as healthcare technicians, healthcare helpdesk specialists or helpdesk technicians as actuality in the mid-30s with highs in the high 50s and low 60s. For example, those affianced in desktop abutment roles can apprehend to acquire amid $35,879 and $59,711. Healthcare IT professionals affianced in administration roles command the accomplished salaries, with arise boilerplate balance in the mid-70s and highs in the low 120s.


HIMSS, or the Healthcare Advice and Administration Systems Society, is a nonprofit alignment with the mission to advance the affection and cost-effectiveness of healthcare through IT systems.

Its ancestor organization, HIMSS WorldWide, provides leadership, apprenticeship and conferences for its members, which accommodate added than 70,000 individuals (most of whom assignment in healthcare) and added than 600 corporations, plus 450 nonprofits. HIMSS sponsors Civic Bloom IT Week, oversees the Electronic Bloom Annal Association, and participates in abundant collaborative activities with agreeing organizations.

The alignment offers two Healthcare Advice and Administration Systems certifications: one at the Certified Associate akin (CAHIMS) and the added at the Certified Able akin (CPHIMS).

The CAHIMS is geared against midlevel healthcare IT professionals with beneath than bristles years of experience, alive as systems analysts, IT/IS managers and IT/IS consultants, as able-bodied as nurses and chief staff. Candidates should accept axiological ability of authoritative and abstruse environments. They should be able to analyze, design, select, implement, support, advance and assay healthcare advice systems. They should additionally apperceive how to assure aloofness and administer security, administer bell-ringer relationships, and abutment administration and teams.

The abutting footfall in the career alleyway is the CPHIMS, which recognizes acclimatized healthcare IT professionals. This acceptance covers abounding of the aforementioned capacity as the CAHIMS, but emphasizes analysis, administration and administration skills.

CPHIMS candidates charge accommodated educational and assignment acquaintance requirements, added accept an appliance that is advised to verify eligibility. Both certifications – CAHIMS and CPHIMS – crave candidates to canyon a distinct exam, administered at Prometric or at assertive HIMSS conferences and events. The exams assay candidates on job-related and experience-based ability and advice analysis, as able-bodied as on fact recall.

Both certifications charge be renewed every three years. To renew, candidates charge canyon either the accepted assay (at that time) or access a minimum of 45 continuing able apprenticeship (CPE) credits. A minimum of 25 CEs charge be acquired from HIMSS or an accustomed provider. Canadian CPHIMS (CPHIMS-CA) credential holders are adapted to acquire an added 15 CEs aloft and above the 45 CEs that CPHIM certification holders earn. Ten of the 15 added hours charge be acquired from Canada’s Bloom Informatics Affiliation (COACH), and all added hours charge affect to Canadian healthcare advice and administration systems.

Both HIMSS certifications are almost new and accordingly accept a low cardinal of certified individuals, but accumulate your eye on this alignment and its certifications, which could become awful accepted over the abutting few years.

CAHIMS and CPHIMS facts and figures

Certification name

Certified Associate in Healthcare Advice and Management Systems (CAHIMS)
Certified Able in Healthcare Advice and Management Systems (CPHIMS)

Prerequisites and required courses

CAHIMS: Aerial academy authority or equivalent
CPHIMS: Bachelor’s amount or all-around equivalent, added bristles years of IS administration acquaintance (three years in healthcare), or alum amount or agnate added three years of IS administration acquaintance (two years in healthcare)
Credentials are accurate for three years; charge canyon accepted assay or access 45 CEs to recertify (25 CEs charge be from HIMSS or HIMSS-approved provider activities) and pay face-lifting fees
CAHIMS renewal: $115 members; $170 nonmembers
CPHIMS renewal: $195 members; $275 nonmembers

Number of exams

One per certification

Cost per exam

CAHIMS Exam: $150 authoritative associate member; $190 HIMSS civic member; $245 nonmember (115 questions, two hours)
CPHIMS Exam: $295 authoritative associate member; $325 HIMSS civic member; $410 nonmember (115 questions, two hours)
HIMSS membership: $199 (individuals). Student, online and affiliate memberships additionally available.
Exams administered by Media materials

HIMSS maintains a list of chargeless and fee-based abstraction materials, including the CAHIMS Applicant Handbook and CPHIMS Applicant Handbook. Applicant handbooks contains links to assay agreeable outline, the Adequacy Gap Assessment, the Course Acquirements Plan, recommended text, online assets and added materials. Practice exams are accessible for acquirement for $75 (member) or $90 (nonmember). Associates accept discounts on all acquirements materials.

CHTS: Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist

AHIMA, the American Health Information Administration Association, which has added than 103,000 members, offers a analytic comprehensive, multitiered healthcare IT acceptance program. Three AHIMA certifications arise in this commodity – the Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS), the Registered Bloom Advice Administrator (RHIA) and the Registered Bloom Advice Technician (RHIT).

The CHTS credential is accessible in six band-aid tracks, anniversary focused on a altered job role’s adequacy area:

Clinician/Practitioner Consultant (CHTS-CP): The CHTS-CP targets accessible bloom professionals alive in clinical, able or accessible bloom roles who acclaim IT solutions, software and vendors in healthcare settings, and who apostle for users.Implementation Manager (CHTS-IM): Accomplishing managers accommodate onsite abutment during bloom IT accomplishing projects, advance accomplishing teams, administer bell-ringer relationships, and serve as liaisons amid healthcare professionals and IT vendors.Implementation Abutment Specialist (CHTS-IS): CHTS-IS credential holders accommodate end-user abutment on healthcare ability sites during bloom IT arrangement implementations. Knowledgeable in advice administration and technology, credential holders can install, configure and assay software and hardware, assignment with bell-ringer tech abutment to boldness issues, and absorb account best practices into healthcare IT arrangement solutions.​​​​​​​Practice Workflow & Advice Administration Redesign Specialist (CHTS-PW): The CHTS-PW credential targets healthcare or IT professionals who abetment in reorganizing a provider’s assignment ambiance to assignment added finer with healthcare IT systems. CHTS-PW professionals analyze and affidavit requirements, architecture and accommodate workflows, and appraise and validate workflow processes.​​​​​​​Technical/Software Abutment Agents (CHTS-TS): CHTS-TS credential holders accommodate advancing IT arrangement abutment in clandestine and accessible healthcare facilities. Professionals alive in this role accomplish software upgrades, install patches, apparatus and troubleshoot solutions, apparatus standards and best practices, and accommodate for arrangement security.​​​​​​​Trainer (CHTS-TR): As experts in IT applications for healthcare, CHTS-TR professionals appraise training requirements, actuate user adequacy levels, and architecture and bear adapted training.

To acquire a CHTS credential, candidates charge canyon a distinct exam. There are no prerequisites, but AHIMA recommends at atomic six months of acquaintance or workforce development training.

CHTS facts and figures

Certification name

Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist (CHTS)

Prerequisites and required courses

Recommended: Six months of training (workforce development or added non-degree program) or accepted about experience

Number of exams

One per adequacy breadth (125 questions, three hours to complete)

Cost per exam

$299 for antecedent CHTS exam; retakes and added CHTS adequacy exams $199 each
Exams administered by Pearson Media materials

AHIMA HIM Body of Knowledge
Review the CHTS Applicant Guide for assay adapt and accompanying information.

HCISPP: HealthCare Advice Aegis and Aloofness Practitioner

The (ISC)² HCISPP is geared against medical annal supervisors, acquiescence officers, IT and aegis managers, accident analysts, and others who assignment in hospitals, bloom centers, consulting firms and alike authoritative agencies. An HCISPP has axiological ability and acquaintance in security and aloofness controls that assure claimed bloom information.

Candidates charge accept a minimum of two years of acquaintance in at atomic one of the six HCISPP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) domains and canyon one exam. Acquaintance charge be abounding time, and the applicant charge accept been compensated for their time.

These are the current HCISPP CBK domains:

Healthcare IndustryRegulatory EnvironmentPrivacy and Aegis in HealthcareInformation Governance and Accident ManagementInformation Accident AssessmentThird-Party Accident Management

Recent graduates or affiliation aloof entering the healthcare industry ability be absorbed in the Associate of (ISC)² for HCISPP, which requires the aforementioned assay as the HCISPP but not the assignment experience.

Renewal is adapted every three years. To advance the credential, acceptance holders charge acquire 60 or added continuing able apprenticeship credits (CPEs) during the three-year face-lifting cycle, 20 of which charge be becoming annually. Acceptance holders charge additionally accept by the (ISC)² Code of Ethics and pay an anniversary aliment fee of $65 ($195 absolute for three years).

HCISPP facts and figures

Certification name

HealthCare Information Aegis and Aloofness Practitioner (HCISPP)

Prerequisites and required courses

Two years abounding time, paid acquaintance in one of the six HCISPP CBK domains (must accommodate privacy, acquiescence and security). Note: One year of acquaintance charge be in the healthcare industry.

Candidates charge complete an endorsement action and accede to accept by the (ISC)² Code of Ethics.

Formal training recommended. Cost is $2,395 (live online) for a four-day bootcamp.

Number of exams

One assay (three hours, 125 multiple-choice questions, 700 out of 1,000 credibility adapted to pass)

Cost per exam

$599. Exams administered by Pearson VUE. Prices may alter by Media materials

(ISC)² provides abundant self-study resources, including a chargeless assay outline, chargeless alternate flashcards and the Official (ISC)² Guide to the HCISPP (available in hardcover, iTunes and Kindle), as able-bodied as official training.

RHIA: Registered Bloom Advice Administrator

Our additional featured acceptance from AHIMA, the RHIA provides the ability and casework that articulation affliction providers, patients and payers calm in the medical arrangement as accomplished in the United States today. RHIAs are experts in managing accommodating bloom advice and accompanying records, administering bloom advice systems, accession and allegory patient data, and appliance allocation systems and medical terminology.

RHIAs charge accept medical, administrative, ethical and acknowledged requirements accompanying to healthcare commitment as able-bodied as aloofness and acquaintance requirements for adequate accommodating data. Such professionals may additionally administer bodies and operational units, collaborate with authoritative and abstruse committees, and accommodate ascribe for or adapt IT budgets.

RHIA candidates are accepted to authenticate ability beyond bristles area ability areas:

Domain 1: Abstracts Content, Structure & Standards (Information Governance)Domain 2: Advice Protection: Access, Disclosure, Archival, Aloofness and SecurityDomain 3: Informatics, Analytics and Data UseDomain 4: Revenue ManagementDomain 5: Leadership

Unlike best added IT-related certifications, the RHIA credential requires candidates to accept for a amount in a CAHIIM (Committee for Accrediting Bloom Advice and Information Management) program. So, the RHIA credential may be bigger ill-fitted for those attractive for a acceptable IT amount affairs in the healthcare amphitheatre or IT professionals accessible to accouterment addition degree.

Certification is acceptable for a two-year cycle. To recertify, candidates charge acquire 30 continuing apprenticeship units (CEUs) and pay a $218 recertification fee. Anniversary associates fees additionally apply.

RHIA facts and figures

Certification name

Registered Bloom Advice Administrator (RHIA)

Prerequisites and required courses

One of the following:

Bachelor’s amount (or higher) from a Bloom Information Management (HIM) affairs accepted by CAHIIMMaster’s-level amount from a HIM affairs accepted by CAHIMCompletion of an HIM Affidavit of the Amount post-baccalaureate affairs accustomed by CAHIMGraduation from an HIM affairs accustomed by a adopted affiliation with which AHIMA has a advantage acceding (primarily Canada and the EU at present)Be an RHIT and accommodated the HIMR Proviso altitude accustomed by CCHIIM

Application, including academy or university transcripts, required; $75 appliance processing fee

Candidates who acquired an RHIT credential above-mentioned to Dec. 31, 2018 are acceptable to sit for the RIA assay through Dec. 31, 2021, provided they acquire a baccalaureate amount or higher.

Number of exams

One exam: 180 questions (20 unscored pretest questions), four hours

Cost per exam

$299. Exams administered by Pearson VUE. AHIMA allotment adapted to register. Charge assay aural a four-month aeon afterward cancellation of the Allotment to Assay (ATT) Media materials

AHIMA offers an exam agreeable outline and the Exam Agreeable Outline Crosswalk as able-bodied as a comprehensive list of recommended resources. Practice exams are accessible for $59.99.

RHIT: Registered Bloom Advice Technician (RHIT)

Another accepted acceptance from AHIMA is its Registered Bloom Advice Technician (RHIT) credential. RHIT holders are begin in a array of businesses accompanying to healthcare, including hospitals, nursing homes, clandestine affliction and home healthcare. Credential holders are experts in healthcare almanac management, as able-bodied as authoritative recommendations to ascendancy costs while convalescent accommodating affliction based on accommodating abstracts analysis. Abounding RHITs specialize in coding or in abstracts accumulation for specific illnesses, such as cancer.

RHIT candidates authenticate ability beyond six area ability areas:

Domain 1: Abstracts Content, Structure and Advice GovernanceDomain 2: Access, Disclosure, Privacy and SecurityDomain 3: Abstracts Analytics and UseDomain 4: Revenue Aeon ManagementDomain 5: ComplianceDomain 6: Leadership

As with the RHIA credential, candidates charge accept for a amount in a CAHIIM affairs and access an associate’s degree. AHIMA allows some candidates in bound scenarios to administer to booty the assay early. These exceptions primarily extend to graduates who accept not yet accustomed final transcripts, acceptance in their final semester, and individuals who accept accomplished all coursework and are apprehension graduation.

RHIT renews every three years. Credential holders charge acquire 20 continuing apprenticeship units (CEUs) to renew. They charge additionally pay a $218 recertification fee and maintain annual membership.

RHIA facts and figures

Certification name

Registered Bloom Advice Technician (RHIT)

Prerequisites and required courses

Associate’s amount from a HIM affairs accepted by CAHIIM, or alum from a HIM affairs accustomed by a adopted affiliation with which AHIMA has a advantage acceding (primarily Canada and the EU at present). Application, including academy or university transcripts, required. Note: Aboriginal testing acceptable in bound circumstances. See RHIT website for details.

Number of exams

One exam: 150 multiple-choice questions (20 unscored pretest questions), 3.5 hours

Cost per exam

$299. Exams administered by Pearson VUE. AHIMA allotment adapted to Media materials

AHIMA maintains a account of exam prep materials, which includes links to assay alertness resources, sample questions, the agreeable outline and more. Prep courses for anniversary assay area are accessible from AHIMA for $59.99.

Beyond the top 5: Added healthcare IT certifications

AHIMA abstracts acutely in this commodity – applique three of the top bristles slots – but the alignment offers several added healthcare-related credentials. These accommodate the Certified Bloom Abstracts Analyst (CHDA), the Certified Able in Bloom Informatics (CPHI), and several coding and specialty credentials.

Numerous universities with medical schools action healthcare IT affidavit programs, including the University of Connecticut, Drexel University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Texas. These types of programs are about able-bodied account investigating.


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