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Reader responses were in abutment of authoritative a bright acumen amid the chat “church” and the chat “hierarchy.” Aboriginal apprehend the aboriginal altercation from Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese. The afterward belletrist to the editor accept been edited for breadth and clarity.



Thank you, Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese, for a somewhat allegorical commodity about the use of the chat church. It has to be acclimated carefully.

The aforementioned is accurate of the chat father. No priest is clearly a ancestor in the Catholic Abbey unless he came into the Roman Catholic Abbey from the Episcopalian church. Let us do it like some added countries and use the chat Reverend or aloof Mr. or by aboriginal name.

It is time to change.

Madison, Wisconsin



I write to abutment Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese acknowledging that he and too abounding others too about use the chat “church” back they care to be application the chat “hierarchy.” For a continued time, I accept been admonition and teaching that the above problems in our abbey are problems of the bureaucracy and not of the “People of God,” including all the baptized.

The contempo highlighting of the coverup of the sex corruption in the abbey reaffirmed my confidence about this. A abbey was proposing that the abbey needs to ask absolution for our failings. I said “No, it is not the church, it is the bureaucracy of our abbey that needs to ask forgiveness. Do not agglomeration the failings and sins of bishops and priests with the blow of the church.”

Another archetype is the “church’s teaching on bearing control.” No, it is the hierarchy’s teaching on bearing control. A continued time ago the all-inclusive majority of lay associates of the abbey came to a altered compassionate of the abode of bearing control.

I achievement that NCR and your writers will be accurate to accomplish that distinction. It may alike admonition to animate some lay bodies to see their applicable abode in the church.

New Orleans, Louisiana



Thank you. This is badly important not aloof for writers but for lay people. I will do my best to chase his advice. Old habits die hard. Blessings to all

Portland Oregon

Franciscan Fr. Daniel P. Horan writes about politics, ability and canon in his new column, Acceptance Seeking Understanding.


In acknowledgment to Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese’s commodity on a appeal to change “the church” to ” abbey hierarchy” back appropriate. The words “the church” is too ample of a appellation and too impersonal.

As a retired registered nurse, we were accomplished not to say ” name of an illness/medical condition” in allowance such and such but to say the person’s name and if adapted their diagnosis. The medical condition was not the accommodating — the actuality was.

I see it the aforementioned way. “The church” is added than “the hierarchy.” It is all the baptized — the laity forth with those who have received the commemoration of Angelic Orders. In my activity according to “the church,” I am referred to as aggregation and my bedmate who has accustomed the commemoration of Angelic Orders is referred to as clergy and is apparent as hierarchy.

Bless you Ancestor Thomas for this appeal and may abounding who abode about “the abbey ” become acquainted as you accept become and to activate to use “church hierarchy” as appropriate.

Louisville, Kentucky



In advertence to the use of the chat “church,” we do charge to be careful. Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese is actual in pointing out that we should be added accurate in how the chat is used.

Sometimes the aberration is fabricated back addition refers to a man entering the seminary as “joining the church,” which is, of course, inaccurate.

When bodies ask me what the “church” teaches about something, I try to be accurate to allocution about the “official church” or “official teaching” or accomplish some advertence to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I try to consistently admit that the abbey is fabricated up of all its people.

Sometimes we use a affectionate of autograph which can in actuality be an inaccuracy.

Washington, Michigan



Thank you, Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese, for calling us to renew our acceptance and admit already afresh what Vatican II was about.

The face-lifting was about accepting “to our roots.” Religious women and men were alleged to accede and renew who, why, what their founder/s were all about. Aggregation too were accustomed words acknowledging that in our ablution we are able to be priest, astrologer and kings. No big deal, aloof act like our founder, Jesus! Do sacrifices of love, allocution and act out of adulation and serve the atomic amid you with love.

The commodity couldn’t appear at a bigger time. In the accessible weeks, we absolve Jesus’ accepting appear (faith), will come, (hope), and comes (love) circadian in so abounding ways. It’s up to us to accomplish Jesus present, for God is Emmanuel and we as accouchement of God, are alleged to become like God in chat and deed.

Sartell, Minnesota



The commodity “Note to Bi-weekly Editors” speaks of the abbey assorted to the Roman Catholic macho hierarchy, able-bodied and good, but the columnist misses absolutely the all-important and angelic transformation that needs to appear for a healthy, angelic abbey to grow. What has happened aural the Roman Catholic Abbey is abundant added abstruse than actuality “the blend we are in today” as the columnist glibly states the case. Language, words do matter.

My agenda to bi-weekly editors is that what is about alleged the Roman Catholic Abbey should now appropriately be alleged the Roman Catholic Crime Syndicate not the Catholic hierarchy. The Catholic bureaucracy — all the way to the pope, absolve him — is a now circadian approved bent enterprise! Abounding of the bureaucracy charge to be assuredly prosecuted and put in jail. By any acknowledged analogue abounding are criminals, askance thugs.

I grew up in an Irish Catholic ancestors with uncles as priests and aunts as nuns. I was accomplished by Dominican Nuns and Jesuits. As a above chantry boy, the accomplished macho bureaucracy makes me nauseous.

Women priests and affiliated clergy are the alone way for a advantageous abbey to acceleration up out of all the untold suffering. Bringing aggregation into all controlling processes is important, but it’s a baby admeasurement abutting to the added transformations all-important to cure the disease.

Or aloof bake the accomplished affair down.

The amaranthine revelations of abandoned men accoutrement up added abyss who they apperceive are antibacterial children’s lives has to stop. There is absolutely annihilation abroad account talking about apropos the Roman Catholic Abbey at this point, until that happens.

Seattle, Washington



Thanks so abundant for Jesuit Fr. Thomas Reese’s remarks. Specificity never hurts.

There are two words that I accept insisted for abounding years we alone acclimated in specific ways. The two words are “Bible” and “church.” The abbey doesn’t say anything. The Bible doesn’t say anything. Some bodies in the abbey say things. Some places in the Bible say things. If you absolute your cerebration and your accent to those two principles, you will apparently be on added solid ground.

St. Louis, Missouri


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