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Any time we account someone, we delay to see whether they’ll abode a acknowledge you agenda or not. You’d be afraid how generally they don’t — and that’s appropriate about back we adjudge not to appoint them.

Sending a post-interview acknowledge you agenda can absolutely set you afar from added candidates because it signals your connected absorption and solidifies a absolute consequence with the interviewer. Do not belittle the follow-up! I’ve absolutely had hiring managers acquaint me to delay to agenda a added account until we accept a acknowledgment note. Yup, it’s that important.

Avoid aloof activity through the motions, because administration will see appropriate through a all-encompassing note. Instead, clothier your bulletin to the specific accuser and aggregation by including the following:

Your acknowledgment for the affair (the “thank you” part!)Something specific about the account or items discussedWhy you are aflame about this opportunityA abrupt account of why you’d be a acceptable fit for the jobNext accomplish and your acquaintance information

Make abiding to accelerate the agenda (via email) aural 24 hours — and be abiding to accelerate one to everyone you interviewed with, not aloof the hiring manager.

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Still not abiding what to write? Here’s an example:

Dear [interviewer name],

Thank you so abundant for taking time to allege with me about the [job title] position. I absolutely enjoyed acquirements added about the position and your description of the circadian duties absolutely helped me accretion a bigger compassionate of the responsibilities. Our chat accepted my acute absorption and I would be captivated to accompany my beat experience, accurately my account expertise, to account the aggregation goals.

I attending advanced to audition from you and acknowledge you afresh for the befalling to interview. Please don’t alternate to ability out if you accept added questions!

Best regards,

[Email address]
[Phone number]

Something anxious and abridged like that will usually do the ambush — although we’ve got some added great thank you note templates right here. Now eliminate accidental distractions and get to writing!

This commodity originally appeared on Career Contessa.

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