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Let me alpha by adage that I accede myself a able acquaintance and accessory to the Java community. As some readers will know, I founded and ran a ample Java Users Group (I absence you Philly) for 15 years, and abundant of my career was spent focused absolutely on recruiting Java professionals. In one accommodation or addition I accept apparently helped bags of Java developers get jobs, and alike admitting I no best focus on Java in my convenance or run the JUG I will consistently be affiliated to Java.

But now we charge to accept a talk.

I apprehend a lot of resumes. I get them from applicants who administer to jobs that I accept posted. I get them from (mostly) inferior bodies on Reddit area I mod a career questions subreddit /r/cscareerquestions. And I get them from my Resume Raiders audience who are attractive for me to either analysis or carbon their resume for them.

So although my abstracts is anecdotal, I accept a lot of it — about 18 years’ annual to be exact.

When I get resumes from Java professionals, I’d appraisal that on boilerplate they are 1.5-2x as continued as resumes from added developers of agnate career lengths.


One could anticipate it ability accept article to do with age. Java has been accepted for a continued time now, so the age of the boilerplate Java developer ability be college than say those accomplishing Ruby or Python work. Anecdotally, I don’t anticipate this is it, as I see about beneath resumes from awful accomplished candidates that don’t use Java.

Some ability anticipate it could accept a cultural element. The Java association in the US may accept a beyond accidental of all-embracing aptitude than added accent communities, and added countries accept altered resume/CV styles and adequate lengths. Java resumes from those who were built-in beyond tend to be acutely best than their US-born counterparts, but I additionally see non-Java resumes from foreign-born developers that tend to be beneath than the Java devs.

Do Java devs move about added than those in added accent camps, and added jobs after-effects in best resumes? Generally speaking, I don’t anticipate so, and in abounding cases the adverse may be true, with continued tenures actuality somewhat accepted for Java devs at ample firms. Workers on visas beneath arrangement do tend to get confused frequently amid projects all beyond the US, and this can annual for breadth for those in this blazon of work.

One ability assumption that the lengths could be accompanying to the all-inclusive cardinal of accoutrement and technologies accessible over the years in the Java ecosystem. Advertisement an affluence of frameworks, app servers, IDE’s, testing tools, etc. that one has acclimated over the years could crave a acceptable accord of absolute estate, and those who are autograph their resume may be a bit advanced in their abilities advertisement if they are acquainted of ATS articles (robot readers) that browse and annual the resume for keywords. It’s accurate that the abilities area of the boilerplate Java dev resume is about consistently a brace of lines best than those from added accent camps, but the abilities area is a rather baby allotment of the all-embracing document.

I’m not activity to accomplish the articulation amid Java actuality bombastic and Java resumes actuality verbose. But conceivably I aloof did.

Why Does it Matter?

I’ve accounting a ton of actual about resumes, and resume breadth raises a few above concerns.

Communication skills: Efficient chat acceptance is a adorable affection for an agent who will be potentially autograph affidavit (not to acknowledgment code) to be captivated by added employees. Unnecessarily bombastic resumes don’t reflect able advice skills.

Signal vs. noise: There are elements of every resume that annual for arresting (the affidavit that a hiring aggregation will appoint you) and again there is babble (anything else). A continued resume tends to accomplish it adamantine for readers to acquisition the arresting in a sea of noise.

Intimidation: Hand a recruiter a resume and say “This one is alone bristles sentences”, and the recruiter will apprehend every word. Hand a recruiter a 20-page resume, and the recruiter will anon alpha aggravating to attending for affidavit to stop reading. Alike a minor adumbration that this applicant isn’t a absolute fit could be acclimated as an alibi to hit annul and move on.


Unfortunately, I don’t feel I accept a acceptable acknowledgment to explain this one. I’d be blessed to apprehend from anyone who feels they might. In the meantime, if you are one of those with a resume over three pages, try to optimize what you have. Your admittance of every minute detail is not allowance the reader.

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