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By Scott Schaefer

At Tuesday night’s (Jan. 8) rather advancing Normandy Esplanade Burghal Board meeting, the board voted to abolish Bread-and-butter Development Board (EDC) associates Susan West and Shawn McEvoy.

The motion was alien by Deputy Ambassador Mike Bishoff, and seconded by Ambassador Jonathan Chicquette.

The final vote was 4–3, with Chicquette, Bishoff, Sue-Ann Hohimer and Patrick McDonald voting ‘Yes,’ while Michelle Sipes-Marvin, forth with West and McEvoy, voting ‘No.’

West has been confined as Armchair of the EDC back its conception in 2012, and she was acutely abashed and agitated about the action. She created Zombie Fest NW, and additionally organized Winterfest – two local, grassroots contest that accept developed bound in popularity.

It was a actual active – and oftentimes animal – affair abounding of emotions, accusations and abundant “points of order” moments as both abandon went afterwards anniversary other.

“I anticipate that this was claimed – this was Jonathan and Mike advancing afterwards us,” West told The Normandy Esplanade Blog. “One alike told me in the parking lot after that ‘this is what you get.’ Get for what? Volunteering to advice my city?”

McEvoy at one point challenged that there may accept been some affectionate of ‘backroom conspiracy’ about this motion that possibly abandoned the state’s Accessible Accessible Affairs Act, a affirmation that was bound denied by Chicquette.

McEvoy served as Ambassador for bristles years, and has been a Councilmember for 14 years.

West said that there are over 80 advance associates on the EDC, abounding of whom may be agitated by this abruptness move.

“It seems that volunteers are not capital by two bodies on this council…but we can still do these contest on our own, accumulate these activity but not as allotment of the EDC because they’ve taken this away,” she added. “It’s sad for the association – volunteers don’t assume to matter, but I’m not activity to let them stop us.”

According to West, admitting her actuality kicked off the EDC, both contest will best acceptable abide beneath the administration of the 501C3 non-profit Friends of Normandy Park.

Here’s a video blow of a actual active ~30-minute allocation of the affair (you can additionally watch video of the full, about 3-hour board meeting here):


According to the city’s website:

The EDC is a Burghal Board accustomed committee. Read Council-approved EDC ordinance. Associates is accessible to the accessible and consists of added than 80 business and bartering acreage owners, residents, Burghal staff, assembly from non-profits, and board members.

The board selects a armchair and vice-chair at the aboriginal January meeting.

2017 Chair: Susan West2017 Vice-Chair: Gerry Osgood

The EDC was developed at the appeal of citizen George Buley at the May 8, 2012 Normandy Esplanade Burghal Board Meeting. Former Ambassador Susan West, volunteered to armchair the group. Back then, the accumulation has met over 150 times and has generated account for alluring new businesses and advocating on account of our accepted business association through advance of Normandy Park’s different bounded character, which makes it an adorable abode to live, visit, comedy and shop. Our Mission is to be a community-minded board that attracts and enhances new and absolute bounded businesses.

Here’s the accent of the motion from the calendar packet:

“Removal of board associates from the Bread-and-butter Development Board and 2019 board assignments -Jonathan Chicquette, Ambassador (Per NPMC 2.02.310 -Prior to the appointed board meeting, if a councilmember has a affair of the recommended appointment, it should be addressed to the ambassador above-mentioned to the meeting) (Ord. 942)

“Requested Action: ‘I move to abolish Councilmembers West and McEvoy from the Bread-and-butter Development Board and accept the anew assigned 2019 committees as presented.’”

Here’s an email that was beatific out by West to the associates of the EDC:

Hello My Friends,

I’m autograph to acquaint you that Ambassador Jonathan Chicquette has fabricated the accommodation to abolish Board Member Shawn McEvoy and I from the Burghal of Normandy Esplanade Bread-and-butter Development Committee. During a 1:1 affair aftermost anniversary that he requested, he abreast me that I’ve been on the board too long, it was addition else’s turn, and that alone new Board Associates would be able to action new ideas, black abiding volunteerism.

Despite account EDC updates and minutes, the Ambassador was blind the EDC consistently brainstorms on new ideas, and that all bodies with an bread-and-butter pale in the burghal are encouraged to appear meetings, allotment ideas, alarm or acquaint in any way with myself and added members. This account to date includes Dr. Stan Harris, Tom O’Keefe, Steve and Kyle Nordby and Alek Yeremeyev, and business owners and managers who accept been arrive to and abounding the EDC business networking events. In fact, aloof a brace years ago, business owners from the Burien ancillary of 1st Avenue abounding several of our meetings. This advice did not actuate the Ambassador to bead his plan to abolish me or Shawn.

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, during the 7 p.m. meeting, the Ambassador will ask the Burghal Board to abolish us from the EDC and alter us with two added Board Members: Mike Bishoff and Michelle Sipes-Marvin. All Board Associates accept consistently had the befalling to accommodate account for accretion acquirement behindhand of actuality on the EDC – abnormally those on the Finance Committee. But it has connected to be the EDC that brainstorms, researches and recommends applied account and rules out unattainable ones.

The Ambassador is accessible about his admiration to bind the accessible – residents, business leaders and bartering acreage owners – from associates on the EDC. His ambition is to about-face the EDC into a three Board Member-only committee, or about-face it into a Commission which agency alone seven bodies can be members. Interested bodies charge formally administer to be on the EDC, and afresh are accustomed or alone by the Ambassador and Council. The Ambassador brought up the Commission to me afresh aftermost anniversary back he told me he was removing me from the EDC. If the EDC becomes a Commission, the architecture of the affairs will change. Robert’s Rules will be activated which agency our accidental appearance of discussing account and brainstorming will be eliminated. Normandy Esplanade is a different and baby association which is why the accepted architecture has worked.

As a aftereffect of posts on Media and the appear Burghal Board agenda, I accept been contacted by residents. The majority are agitated and do not appetite the Ambassador to change the EDC. The others don’t accept why this is accident and asked for clarification. I am absolutely ashamed and beholden for your support. It saddens me that the EDC associates like you are actuality affected to accomplish changes that none of us accepted or deserve.

If you appetite to articulation your assessment about the Mayor’s proposal, I appetite you to email or alarm the Board Associates afore Tuesday. Their acquaintance advice is on the Burghal website: https://normandyparkwa.gov/city-council/ Also, actuality is the Board email: [email protected]. The Media armpit additionally provides an befalling to articulation opinions to neighbors. On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, I achievement you will appear the Board affair at 7 p.m. and action to allege during the 3-minute accessible animadversion aeon which begins at the alpha of the meeting.

Thank you for your affectionate words and abutment for all the assignment that the EDC has able back we launched. The EDC began in 2012 at a Burghal Board affair (Thank you George Buley) in an era back the abstraction of an bread-and-butter development board that is accessible to accessible membership, supports partnerships and chat amid the Burghal and its residents/business, and launches different projects, programs and events, was supported. I acerb agnosticism that has afflicted with our accepted EDC membership. Our acknowledged aggregate efforts argue me that’s what still works and is bare added than ever.

It has been a admirable journey. Attached is a arbitrary of our accomplishments and the 2018/2019 Activity Plan we created aftermost year – which includes our new and advancing ideas.

Thank you afresh for this befalling to serve with you – and best your admiration to advice Normandy Park’s bread-and-butter health. Together, I accept we can abide to accomplish Normandy Esplanade a advancing association for anybody – residents, businesses, investors and those who appear to use our casework and merchants.

Thank you,
Susan West

EDITOR’S NOTE: We accept accomplished out to added councilmembers for comment, and will do a followup adventure (or stories) already we accept response(s). As of Thursday, Jan. 10 at 4 p.m. we had alone accustomed comments from West.

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Posted by Scott on Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 4:07 pm
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